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August 18, 2023

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Our robotics summer camp provides children and teenagers with robotics and engineering skills, through hands-on learning and activities. These camps typically provide an opportunity for campers to learn about robotics concepts, programming, and engineering design in a fun and engaging way.

Some common features of a robotics camp include:

1. Learning modules: Camps may have a structured curriculum that covers various topics related to robotics and engineering, including mechanical design, programming, and electronics.

2. Hands-on activities: Campers may have the opportunity to build and program robots using various tools and kits, such as LEGO Mindstorms, VEX Robotics, or Arduino microcontrollers.

3. Challenges and competitions: Many robotics camps include challenges and competitions to encourage teamwork and problem-solving skills. These may include races, obstacle courses, or challenges that require robots to complete specific tasks.

4. Guest speakers: Some robotics camps invite guest speakers, such as engineers or scientists, to share their experiences and insights with campers.

5. Field trips: Some camps may include field trips to robotics-related organizations, such as universities, research labs, or companies that specialize in robotics.

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  • Centurion
  • Gauteng
  • South Africa

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  • August 18, 2023 15:00
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