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Effortless Planning

Campze provides a platform that simplifies the process of planning and booking educational field trips for teachers. It streamlines administrative tasks, such as organizing logistics, managing payments, and obtaining parental consent. This allows teachers to save time and effort, enabling them to focus more on the educational aspects of the trip.

Customisation and Personalisation of Camps

Campze leverages AI to curate camps and learning experiences based on school preferences and educational goals. The platform creates tailored camper profiles and utilizes a robust recommendation engine to ensure that the selected camps align with the specific needs and interests of the students. This customization enhances the overall learning experience and engagement.

Access to a Collaborative Ecosystem

Campze fosters a collaborative space for education by bringing together teachers, subject matter experts, and camp organizers. Teachers can explore a wide range of educational camp ideas listed by experts and choose the ones that best suit their teaching objectives. This ecosystem promotes innovation and practicality in education.

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Nutritious Meals

Our menu is designed to cater to different dietary needs and preferences, ensuring that students have access to wholesome and nourishing meals. 


We are committed to maintaining appropriate student-to-supervisor ratios and providing trained and qualified staff who oversee the students’ well-being.

Safety Equipment

We provide the necessary safety equipment required for activities. This may include items such as helmets, life jackets, safety harnesses, first aid kits, and protective gear.

Variety of Educational Programs

We provide schools with a range of options that align with their educational goals and offer unique learning experiences for students.

Emergency Response

We continuously review and update our emergency response procedures to meet the highest standards of safety. 

Rewards Cashback

Through our program, students can earn rewards points or cashback for their active involvement and contributions during the trip. These rewards can be accumulated in their digital wallet and used towards future trips or redeemed for various services and experiences during their current tour.

We create a safe and supportive space

where students can explore their unique strengths, develop their talents, and unlock their full potential.






Thank you for an amazing prefects’ camp. I can’t recommend this camp enough. Everything was so well thought-out. The programme was perfect for what we wanted from a leadership weekend. Good luck for your future endeavours, you guys are doing an excellent job, your passion for this project and for developing the minds of young learners is so inspiring.

Tania Botha

Teacher – Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg

Great environment with good programmes and helpful facilitators.

Dereck Donora

Head of Operations- The King School Linbro Park

The PRC Executive training was held this past weekend. Thank you to our “OLD BOY” , Jack Mthembu, who presented this fun and inspiring training.

The PRC Executive loved it and were really challenged.

Lovemore Nechombo

HOD- Kingfisher Private School

“Baie dankie vir julle gooie aanbieding, Surette en Jan praat net met lof van julle. Baie dankie weer eens, ons sal julle weer kontak volgende jaar met ons nuwe leiers.”

Anke Nogueria

Teacher- Hoërskool Frans Du Toit High

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